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What is an Escape room?

Escape rooms are a new kind of entertainment.
You are locked in a specially designed room full of riddles to solve.
Your task is to get out of room, which is possible only after solving all puzzles.

Sounds easy? Nothing more misleading!
Only cooperation and good organization can make you get out of the room within the set time. Is 60 minutes enough to find hidden clues and solve the riddles?

Only cooperation and good organization can make you get out of the room within the set time. Is 60 minutes enough to find hidden clues and solve the riddles?

Who has a hidden talent for solving puzzles?
Who feels the best as a leader?
Who is an individualist and who is a team player?
Who easily loses their temper and who is an oasis of peace?
Who will keep themselves cool as time goes by?

Here, you can get to know others even better!

Who are we?

Can U Escape is a brand created by fans of Escape Rooms entertainment from Torun
In our free time, we like to get in the car and visit other cities in search of good fun.

The rooms which we prepare reflect our taste. In Can U Escape? we focus on logic and a diversity of riddles. We do our best to relate them to the topic of the room.

We want our clients to feel amazing and that is why we adjust our introduction to the game to the experience of participants. Then, for 60 minutes, we become Your Masters of the Game and we follow the game closely. If there is a need, we can provide you with clues adjusted to you.

Your opinion is very important for us, so after every game we eagerly listen to your comments to make sure that every room is better than the previous one.

Anatomia Zła

Anatomia zła

2-5 players

60 minutes

Pokój przygotowany wspólnie z ekipą Break The Brain.

Spotkaliście dawnego kumpla, kilka drinków, impreza... Obudziliście się w ponurej celi, już wiedzieliście, że jesteście w pułapce... O co chodzi? Dlaczego tu trafiliście? Czy uda Wam się przeżyć?

Lekcja iluzji

Ilussion Lesson

2-4 players

60 minutes

As a young illusionist you dream about a career at your master’s side. Today is the day of your test. You’ve got an hour to prove to your master that you are worth to be taken on a tour around the world.

Zorika K.

We played the room „Illusion lesson“ in a group of two. Brilliant surprising puzzles, cool solutions. What an innovative idea! And the way of setting up the room,cool. I would recommend it to anyone! The game master was super helpful, smiling and willing to discuss. I would recommend to visit room only to talk to him; D Next holidays we will come to visit the second room.

Kto uratuje święta?

Who will save Christmas??

2-5 players

60 minutes

You are in a room of Santa Claus, who disappeared without a trace.
You have 60 minutes to replace him and save Christmas.
Maybe he has left some clues... Time is running fast.
Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The room is available all year long. There is a nice atmosphere inside which is why it is suitable for both adults and children.

Magdalena W.

Christmas all year long? Why not? :D Not only did the authors of the room think to create a very pleasant and warm Christmas atmosphere but they also made sure to prepare absolutely innovative and surprising riddles which require thinking outside the box. Joy and bursts of laughter are guaranteed! This room is an absolute number one. :D

The price of a single entry to our rooms "Who will save Christmas??" and "Illusion lesson":
Monday - Thursday:
2 players - 80 PLN
3-5 players - 100 PLN
Friday - Sunday and holidays:
2 players - 80 PLN
3-5 players - 120 PLN

The price of a single entry to our room "Anatomy of evil":
2 players - 80 PLN
3-5 players - 120 PLN

The minimum and maximum number of players can vary depending on the room.
Forms of payment: cash, bitcoin


Students - from Monday to Thursday until 5 p.m. - entry for 2-5 players -10%
The owners of Karta Dużej Rodziny - you pay 5 PLN less for every person holding the card



Would you like to give someone a wonderful gift?
Our vouchers are perfect for gifts.
Provide your family or friends with an hour of unforgettable experiences.
Vouchers - 99 PLN Collection in person at ul. Podmurna 101/5. Please, contact us if you want to settle the date when you could collect the voucher.
One voucher entitles a group of 2-5 players to participate in only one game after it has been booked.
It is valid for 3 months following the purchase.

Can U Escape?

ul. Podmurna 101/5
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